We hope that you find these resources useful. If you have any resources/ideas that could be shared with others on these pages then do please email

Enquiries for badges should be sent to

India Activity Pack - Do have a look at our latest resource.  One of our members has worked with others in our Region to produce this great resource.

LMS Resource Pack  resources written during 2013 when our County took part in the Lord Mayor's Show.

Rainbow Caterpillar Challenge from our All Aboard Mini Beast Challenge

Dry Puddles for Rainbows Resource   Here is an old resource which has some good ideas and activities 

LOB  Promise Resources

 Games   Group Activities and Discussion Ideas

 Things to make   Ceremonies and Five Minute Fillers

Heritage Challenge  and  Heritage Challenge Resource Pack  Badges cost £1 each + p&p. Challenes are suitable for indoor and outdoors and there are 6 zones.  

Wonderland Challenge 

Walking Challenge.  

Baden Powell Traditions badge syllabus